Our Services

At Midbrook Buildings we can offer you more than just a building, we are happy to quote on a nationwide basis for the construction of a concrete slab. The purchase of the concrete slab is as important as your building. You could purchase the most wonderful building in the world but if the concrete slab is inadequate it will be a complete waste of money.

In the majority of cases a concrete base should be constructed on a solid sub base of compacted type 1 roadstone, have a damp proof membrane and a GEN3 concrete approximately 100mm (4”) thick, dependent on site conditions. For the floor finish, we offer a light tampered finish, a smooth trowel finish or a power floated finish. We also offer a range of concrete sealants and concrete floor paints to limit the amount of dust once the building is in use. We would ideally recommend if possible that the concrete slab is made slightly higher than the surrounding ground, so that water cannot settle on the bottom of the garage wall panels.

Why Use Our Base Laying Service?

  • We guarantee that our concrete slabs will be flat, level and square and to the specification required.
  • We will use our trusted experienced and courteous tradesmen, specialising in laying concrete.
  • No Third Party Confusion – no difficult conversations or situations where someone else has prepared the slab and it is too long too short or not level.
  • We will program our base laying service in time for your garage delivery.
  • Excellent levels of service and value for money.

Old Garage Removal Service

In many instances we can arrange for your existing garage to be taken down and removed from site safely.

We can also offer to revamp an existing garage or re-roof if necessary, we would advise forwarding photos of your existing garage or building to us so we can discuss your requirements and the potential costs. From experience, pictures can speak a thousand words!

Planning Permission and Building Regulations Service

In many instances planning permission is not required for a concrete sectional garage or shed, however in some cases it may be, feel free to talk to us if you have any queries or would like clarification of your proposal. We can supply elevation drawings that you may find useful. If your building is over 30sqm you will need building regulations, speak to one of our advisors for help and advice and what you will need to do to comply.